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Tools for Life

Having the right tools in your toolbox can be the difference between a quick job or an all-day project or simply figuring out a task. Tools are not just for maintenance issues but also for life. You do not need every tool; you need the right tools that supplement your true gifts. I read a story one day about a handyman getting ready for what was supposed to be a quick job. The job was scheduled on a Saturday, so everyone involved wanted to get the job completed right and quick. A strategy was created and the directions to the home identified. The job was to repair a wooden rail attached to the deck. The handyman had the best nails possible for the job but realized that he did not have a hammer. For the first hour, the handyman tried to use vice grips, screwdrivers, pliers, and other items he could find to help drive the nails in. Nothing would work right, and hours have now passed. Frustrated and ready to go the handyman stops and takes time to decide his next move. Option 1: should he go all the way back home for his hammer or option 2: stop by the closest Lowes or Home Depot location for a hammer. Hour three has now passed and by now the handyman was concerned for the rest of his Saturday. He drove to the store, purchased a new hammer, drove back to the house, and was able to drive in one-hundred nails in 45 mins. Using the right tool, in the beginning, would have saved three hours. What tool do you need to accomplish something in your life right now?

Everyone has leadership and should lead based on your individual gifts to the world. Bible verse 2 Timothy 1:3-14 speaks about leading based on your gift. Your gift is a great tool to start with. Everyone has a different journey because everyone has a unique gift to give. Some tools to consider are in alignment with your human needs. We will discuss spiritual wisdom and financial literacy today. To build your toolbox, your spiritual foundation should come first. We are all created for a specific purpose and to identify that purpose we must seek and build a spiritual relationship with God. This is in my opinion the most important tool for your life. Building your spiritual foundation helps you identify your individual gifts which set the tone for your life. Proverbs 18:16 a man’s gift makes room for him. You can chase many things in the world but the only thing that opens the world for your life is identifying your gift. This is a tool! Your gift will ensure financial success. Financial literacy is learning the importance of money and how money should be used. Money is also a tool. Knowing how to use money will change your life. Financial literacy is learning how to use your money to make more money and how to manage the money you already have. We must be trusted with less before we can be trusted with more. Financial literacy is the management of money.

Identify your tool (gift) today! The world is waiting for your gift.

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