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  • How many mentor/mentee pairs in your program?
    * 3-5 mentors per location
  • How often will they meet? Talk on the phone? E-mail?
    * Once a week required and accessible by phone and email when needed
  • Will you have group activities? If so, how often (monthly, quarterly, etc.)?"
    * Yes, planned quarterly (flexible depending on community partner events)
  • What type of training and orientation will you have?
    * The training will focus on Life Skills, Service, Financial Literacy, and Strategic Thinking
  • How often will you have recognition/awards for your program participants?
    * Will coordinate with partnership schools (semi-annually if no school program)
  • What other special components do you have set for your program?
    * Establish Book Club and Chess Club
  • Program Guidelines: How often will the pairs meet? How long will each meeting be?
    * Group sessions, follow-up sessions when required. 1- hour sessions (situation will dictate length of meeting)
  • Program Guidelines: How long will the relationship last?
  • Program Guidelines: Where will the meeting take place?
    * Various locations across the city
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