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Strategic First Steps!

The opening moves of the pawn play an important role in the game of chess and in life. Each move should be carefully thought out before making a move. Pawns can move one space from the start line, or two spaces. Pawns only move forward, never backwards. Life should be the same way.

During this stage, pawns develop the initial strategy by the moves they make. For life, we are to develop certain principles before we start making moves. Purpose is one of those principles. When the start line is not correct, every move after will be off track. This is very important. Pawns move diagonally only when capturing an opposing piece. When we make a move, some obstacles may come at an angle. We must see the obstacle or distraction coming. For more about the pawns, register for the M2K Chess and Leadership program today. See you there!

Build, grow, and live!! Let's go!!


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