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Chess & Business


Chess is about leadership, strategic thinking, piece(team) development, and management. Let’s schedule a session or workshop with your leaders and teams today!


Every piece has a purpose just like every member of your team. Is the mission, vision, and purpose known and understood by each member? Every organization must operate under a shared vision and values. Multiple visions bring division so make the change today!


Our six-step process will help navigate strategic roadblocks while team building over chess. To be different, we must do something different! When we know our strengths, we can build. Operating in the strength zone, means results are unlimited. Individuals or organizations do not want to get into the habit of constantly repairing themselves. This keeps your focus off of your strengths. An organization does not want to be in constant repair or in reaction mode. This requires us to know our strengths and to be clear on what we can do! Proactive vs. reactive is the goal which is also a principle in chess. Schedule your session today!   

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