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M2K Chess Program

Image by Angela Loria

The M2K program was designed to build up, empower, transform, and develop Man (mankind) both males and females to think strategically and creatively. These key principles are important for life. This does not just happen with age. We will learn the moves and strategies of chess, along with leadership principles. The program is not just about learning the game of chess. We are not striving for trophies or medals. Personal leadership must be discovered. The chess principles taught will assist with that effort. Change starts within and is the hardest step for most people. This is an internal process. Focuing externally will never change how you look at situations.  

A few principles taught will be the following: 

1. To control the center on the board is like managing your emotions and not letting your feelings manage you.


2. Piece development is getting all your pieces involved. Having the right people (pieces) around you matters. You become whom you hang around the most.  


3. Protecting the King is the main focus of the game of chess, and also the main focus of life! You must protect yourself from bad decisions and choices. 

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