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Rich Dad Poor Dad Book and Thoughts

This book was one of the most important books I read early on in life. The lessons learned and the mindset shift that happened to me allowed the puzzle in my head to start coming together. I had a puzzle but everything I was hearing from schools and people around me were not helping me connect the pieces. I knew back then that to have a different life, I had to create a different life. This meant to me that I should not follow the same blueprint as everyone else. Let's begin!

There are many lessons that come out of this book which we will discuss during our weekly book club starting today. A few of the lessons are the following:

  1. Why the rich doe not work for money

  2. What is financial literacy

  3. Understanding taxes and how they work

  4. Which blueprint to follow based on your objectives

These are just a few that connected to me reading this book. The first step was to know myself, what I wanted to do, and why. The blueprint for me was clear once I figured out the vision and purpose for my life. I always say, if your start line is not correct, everything you do afterwards will be off track. Let's go!!!

If you are interested in joining the book club, reach out to me directly.


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