Upcoming Events
Tue, Sep 01
B.G.L. Forum
Manhood Principles
Awesome book for males to learn the principles and grow into the man they should be.
Wed, Jun 24
Zoom Event
June Book Club Meeting - Today Matters
When we take care of today, we prepare for tomorrow.
Sat, May 30
2110 Blue Ridge Rd
Veteran Bike Ride
Local bike ride focusing on fellowship, and health with a low impact event. The event will be the first of many. Those out of the area can participate and upload photos of your own bike ride.
Mon, Jul 22
Mt Carmel Baptist Church
Introduction to Chess
Group session on the chess pieces and how they move.
Thu, Jul 18
Business 911 Center
Book Club Meeting
Read together on a purpose and discuss The 4 Hour Work Week!
Fri, Jun 28
West Charlotte Recreation Center
Chess Club
Learn to play chess today!
Fri, Jun 28
Mt Carmel Baptist Church
Chess & Book Club Event
Exposing the youth to the game of chess and having a focus to read on a purpose!
Fri, Jun 28
University City Blvd Station
Light Rail City Tour
Exposure event for 30-40 youth across the area. Goal will be to teach everyone how to use the light rail and to visit the uptown area.
Tue, Jun 25
Walter G. Byers
Chess Instruction
We will teach chess focusing on Creative thinking and Strategic Thinking. Thinking around life obstacles and moving on a purpose will be the focus.