Upcoming Events

  • Tue, Dec 01
    Online zoom meetings and discussions
    Book Club Read - The 4 Hour Work Week
    Time to read and create a plan for the new rich! This book will require you to rethink old systems moving forward in the new environment.
  • Tue, Sep 01
    B.G.L. Forum
    Manhood Principles
    Awesome book for males to learn the principles and grow into the man they should be.
  • Wed, Jun 24
    Zoom Event
    June Book Club Meeting - Today Matters
    When we take care of today, we prepare for tomorrow.
  • Sat, May 30
    2110 Blue Ridge Rd
    Veteran Bike Ride
    Local bike ride focusing on fellowship, and health with a low impact event. The event will be the first of many. Those out of the area can participate and upload photos of your own bike ride.
  • Mon, Jul 22
    Mt Carmel Baptist Church
    Introduction to Chess
    Group session on the chess pieces and how they move.
  • Thu, Jul 18
    Business 911 Center
    Book Club Meeting
    Read together on a purpose and discuss The 4 Hour Work Week!
  • Fri, Jun 28
    West Charlotte Recreation Center
    Chess Club
    Learn to play chess today!
  • Fri, Jun 28
    Mt Carmel Baptist Church
    Chess & Book Club Event
    Exposing the youth to the game of chess and having a focus to read on a purpose!
  • Fri, Jun 28
    University City Blvd Station
    Light Rail City Tour
    Exposure event for 30-40 youth across the area. Goal will be to teach everyone how to use the light rail and to visit the uptown area.
  • Tue, Jun 25
    Walter G. Byers
    Chess Instruction
    We will teach chess focusing on Creative thinking and Strategic Thinking. Thinking around life obstacles and moving on a purpose will be the focus.

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