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Reflection Time!

The last few months have changed the world in many ways. The COVID Pandemic has forced people to stay at home and businesses to close. Now is the time to reset! Start thinking about your priorities and identify those things that take you away from those priorities. Take time to think about what are you thinking about? This is the time to focus! Remember, we become what we focus on! If you focus on growth priorities you will see growth but when you focus on distractions you will see that also. Most have heard me talk about knowing your M.V.P. (mission, vison, purpose) when it comes to small business or nonprofit organizations. My question today is do you know your M.V.P. for your personal life? Take time today to think about this!

Ask yourself a few questions: What am I trying to accomplish personally, financially, spiritually, physically and mentally? Write these areas down then ask yourself: How will I achieve this and can I accomplish this myself or do I need help? Once identified....... take action! The possibilities are endless so never limit yourself! We all have the ability to change ourselves when we need to. When life becomes uncomfortable is when growth and change happen! To change your situation you must change yourself first. Let's Go!!!


Build - Grow- Live

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Apr 15, 2020

Take time to think about what you are thinking about!

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