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Laws of Success

What is success to you? Everyone has a different perspective on what success looks like. Your journey is different so what success looks like to you should also look different. Spiritual principles (laws) are to be followed and understood. They are not the same as Earthly laws. Birds have a law to fly, fish have a law to swim and humans also have laws given to us by God!

Listening to Dr. Myles Monroe speak on this topic gave me many things to think about. I agree with the statement that we should never chase success, we should focus and chase the laws! Success will find you by chasing the laws and not by chasing earthly success! This I believe to be very true! Our destiny is determined by God, so our paths are set. We make the plans but the answers are given to us. Our journeys are different because each of us has a different purpose on Earth. What we learn in the world only adds to that purpose or distracts us from our destiny. Following the laws are the key:

What is your purpose? Your purpose must be sought after to reach your destiny. You determine your purpose by strengthening your relationship with God. Your perception of things either helps you focus on your future or your past. Living in the past will only keep you in the past. Following each law will ensure that success finds you! Embrace your journey!!

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Thank you.

Mr. Shawn

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