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Leadership Development

Leadership is required for everything we do, especially during the storms of life. We will discuss, teach and receive the following:

1. Vision

2. Principles and Values

3. Managing Emotions

4. Equipping

5. Lion and Eagle Characteristics

Eyes Closed


Your vision is different from your sight! Where you are going is seen with vision, but where you are is seen by your eyes. 

Principles and Values

What do you stand for? Principles and values must be established before assuming responsibilities. To build, you must first have a firm foundation! 

Image by Sead Dedić
Image by Mark  Daynes

Managing Emotions

Leaders must manage their emotions, and not let their emotions manage them. Know yourself and know your triggers.  


Leaders should develop people to discover themselves. Knowing your strengths will keep you flying. 

Image by Diego PH
Image by Robert Thiemann

      Lion and Eagle Characteristics

Leaders should learn the ways of the lion and the eagle. Attitude, belief system, focus, and strength are all key areas of leadership.  

Image by Bryan Hanson
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