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What is your Blueprint?

Your blueprint is simply your personal roadmap of success for your life. We all are on our own journey and the choice is either drive your life with a plan or ride in the backseat of life without a plan. Proverbs 16:9 A person plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

When a house is built, it must start with a blueprint. You are that house! There is already a blueprint design for your life but we must discover what that is. What are your building materials? The information you receive by sight and by hearing will create habits in your heart. Those habits will either drive you to success or drive you to defeat. We must guard ourselves everyday against negative information that is designed to consume your thoughts to destroy your actions. Decide on your roadmap?

MLK, Martin Luther King Jr. spoke on three areas of creating a life blueprint years ago. He said the following:

1. Have a deep belief system in your own self worth, dignity and purpose on your life!

2. Have a determination of excellence in everything you do!

3. Be committed to the eternal principles of beauty, love and justice. If you can't fly - run, if you can't run- walk, if you can't walk- crawl but whatever you do never stop moving forward!! (MLK)

Build your blueprint today! The Bible is a great starting point and should be referenced daily.


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Jun 03, 2020

Thanks! I hear you!!


Shey Morton
Shey Morton
Jun 01, 2020

Great read! I'm always protecting my house...meeting folk at the curb. As I say😂

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