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The Standard!

Who set the standard in your life on how you deal with your finances, your health, your family, yourself, being a man, being a woman, etc......

We go through life sometimes without taking a moment to ask ourselves, where did my way of thinking on this area come from? What do I know about credit? What are my thoughts about relationships? What do I believe a man should do? Same on women! There are many things we must ask ourselves, where did this standard come from? For some, it was our parents. Where did they learn it from? Getting to the root of where you got your thinking and habits from can help start the new direction in your life.

I went through this myself! Growing up watching my family survive based on the income they earned became a habit. At the time, I didn't realize if it was a good habit or a bad habit I just knew it was a habit. I was so focused on saving $20 that I was unfocused on producing $200,000. A paradigm shift was needed on what my standard was on finances. Once I made the shift, I evaluated the other areas in my life. What a man was and what a man was not was one of them. I now know that the standard for what a man is can only come from God. God created man in his image so that is the standard! What a man is does not come from the streets, school, TV, magazines, etc..... I challenge everyone to ask yourself, what is your standard on the areas of your life and where did it come from? Take the time today to think about this and make any adjustments needed in your life.


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