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Power of a Tree

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Trees contribute so much to daily life everyday. The anatomy of a tree has super hero qualities that we should all strive to be like. The tree is comprised of the roots, the trunk, the branches and the leaves. Think about it this way, a tree starts as a seed then stands tall providing oxygen, shade and clean air for humanity. It is said that one tree can provide oxygen all day for four people.

The roots of the tree is the foundation. We all must build a foundation of faith, values and beliefs to stand firm. You should not starting building on the roof without creating a foundation for yourself. The trunk of the tree represents health, strength, longevity and stability. A strong healthy stable individual will be a benefit to relationships, the family, and the community. Last but not least the branches and leaves of a tree represent responsibility and connection. Each tree has many branches and if we resemble this ourselves, we must be strong and stable to maintain and support each branch we create. Don't start a branch if you have not built a foundation or a strong stable trunk! We should spend some time learning this simple but effective concept in our lives.

Find a tree today, look at it, and say thank you! A tree starts as a seed and grows to meet their full potential. We also start out as a seed but should grow to who we are meant to be! A tree sheds all of its leaves each year then comes back stronger the next year. How can we apply this to our own lives? Each year is another opportunity to present a new and better you! We should stand tall and shed off all of the things holding us back from the previous year. Be a like a tree!


Build - Grow - Live

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