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Lessons of the Ant

Ants have alot of qualities when you watch them in action. A few quality characteristics that stand out are teamwork and leadership. Ants work together with little to no supervision on a daily basis. Being one of the smallest insects on Earth while making some of the largest impacts is amazing. The leadership quality of the Ant can be summarized in four areas; Attitude, Nature, Time, and Source (ANTS).

Attitude of the Ant can be seen in how they work together for the greater good. Ants know that your attitude controls your altitude! The Ant takes the initiative of building and maintaining their Hill without being told.

Nature of the Ant is to do what is right at all times! This shows the faithful commitment of the ant. The ant does not wait for supervision to do what is needed. Ants know that when the anthill is destroyed the anthill must be rebuilt immediately. This happens without question. How soon do we rebuild?

Time, the ant is fully aware of the year and knows that an abundance of food is needed during the winter months. The summer months are important times to save up and prepare. They don't get distracted and lose focus over these months. Ants understand that they do not control time, so their use of their time is intentional.

Source of the Ant is knowing their strength. The characteristics of the ant are similar to what leadership in our homes and communities should be about. To survive they know they need shelter and food for themselves as well as their community. They don't just think about today but they ensure their year is protected. What is your source and when should you focus on it?

Ants maybe small but their impact is enormous! Let's learn from the Ant today!

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Apr 25, 2020

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