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Organizations across the globe have one thing in common; they all need leadership daily. There are many different styles of leadership but the fact remains for an organization to grow and sustain the key is leadership. Leadership is simply influence. In the military our definition of leadership was to provide direction, purpose and motivation. Good leaders can rally their people but it takes great leaders to lead other leaders. Who are you leading today?

Leaders should lead from core principles, convictions and moral ability. I can remember taking a course called business ethics. There is only one set of ethics you need!! If you have ethics, you live out those ethics in your personal life as well as your professional life. You should be the same at all times! Your character should matter at home as much as it matters at work. Ethics is just that.....ethics! When dealing with any situation that may occur, leading with convictions will let you know you did the right thing. Remember a manager will do what is right but a leader will do the right thing! Leadership is most effective when the leader sticks to his or her own convictions and natural ability. What is your ethics and how will you lead today?


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