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History behind 2 Steps

2 Steps Mentoring and Book Club were formed with the mission and vision of completing tasks and objectives in 2 steps: Identity what you want to do then determine how to do it! Everything Is formed first by an idea but the most important step to take after the idea is to take action.


To create a positive, supportive, accountability mentor relationship for young adults ages 16-30, through a structured site-based model in person and virtually. Create both personal and professional strategies using the game of chess and a book club for reading on a purpose.


Two-Step Mentoring believes that our youth need direction, discipline, accountability, and the constant presence of a caring adult. We will conduct both formal and informal sessions designed to build a young person’s life, self-esteem, strengthens, relationships, peers and adults, academic performance, attendance, and helps combat school drop-out. We will utilize partnerships with local churches, educators, and the military to accomplish this task. We will strive to become and remain the main influencers in a young person’s life. Between the ages of 16-30, we believe what a person does or does not do will affect their lives. We plan to influence that journey the best way we can.


To meet weekly virtually or in-person to transform minds and create positive road maps and blueprints to a better version of yourself. We will identify and create paths for those interested in all areas to thrive, military, trade schools, higher education, jobs, and entrepreneurship opportunities. We will establish short term and long-term goals for each person. We will develop the “WHY and create the “HOW”. The program was founded by Shawn Carrington in 2017 with over 20 years of experience in mentoring and leadership. He has coordinated and conducted numerous events for more than 5,000 children since its inception and serves youth nationally with a goal to one day mentor internationally.


Two-Step Mentoring is structured, on and off the site-based mentoring organization. The program will use the game of chess as a tool for strategic and creative thinking, book reading to stretch our minds and grow, and exposure tours designed to get outside of the box. We believe that when we see better, we do better. We will develop community partners to accomplish this mission.

For more information, contact me on the site or by email. I look forward to bringing 2 Steps to your location.

Thank you,

Shawn Carrington

Mentor Consultant

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