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Fly like an Eagle

The Eagle is known as the King of the sky not just from its large size, beauty, bravery, courage, determination and high flying capabilities but also from its powerful vision! The eagle sits high on the cliffs or on the tops of the tallest trees to watch the terrain. The eagle is very aware and attentive of its surrounding and will notice things quickly. It is said that an Eagle can focus on what it wants 2 miles away. What are you focusing on today? Sometimes you need to sit alone to see things clearly. The eagle will fly high in the sky where no other birds are present. When you are improving yourself, your circle should improve also. An eagle doesn't fly high in the sky wishing he or she was walking around with the chickens. I am not saying anything is wrong with a chicken, what I am saying is if you want to be an eagle don't spend your time being a chicken or vice versa.

When you decide to grow you must make some important decisions. Do I want to be a chicken or do I want to be an eagle? Either one is great, but if you are a chicken be the best chicken you can be! Same if you are an eagle, be the best eagle you can be! Throughout your life your only competition is yourself. You are competing between who you are today to who you are meant to be! Success is about creating the best version of yourself. To do this you cannot stay comfortable or complacent with your decisions. When baby eagles are born, they grow quickly and they need to make decisions and choices soon. When the mother eagle thinks they are ready, she pushes them out of the nest. The baby eagle has a decision and a choice to make, fly or hit the ground for the last time. Life comes down to decisions! What decision are you making today? Be an Eagle!!


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Lisa Wooten
Lisa Wooten
Oct 04, 2021

Great read thank yoou

Oct 05, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Lisa!

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