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Equality vs Equity

Equality has been a topic of discussion for many years especially this year 2020. Every individual should have an equal opportunity to make the most of their own lives and the talents they were given. The word itself has amazed me at how we look for validation from other people. We were all created equally with different gifts and a different purpose within. This validation comes from God only and no other human being. This should be clear just by understanding that everyone has a unique and different fingerprint for a reason. What is the problem in the fight for Equality? The problem today, just like in the past, is simply people trying to discover themselves while seeking validation at the same time. Knowing who you are is the key! The picture below shows the difference between the two. Since everyone is different having the appearance of the same is not the same. Looking at life can be viewed very differently based on where the individual is at the time in their life. Some will see over the fence while some will look directly at the fence, all with the same box!

To establish equity in the resources of the land we need to focus on the present and future generations! Equity sharing is hard enough as a parent and creates a hard decision with each child. Our children are loved equally, but they all will have different equity in the family foundation. What are some things we should have equity in? Real Estate should be one of your first choices. On Earth, additional land will not be created so the value of land will be endless. Real Estate creates a monthly income, but the equity builds on its own in many cases. I have heard before that the reason it is called Real Estate is that it is the only thing with REAL value. Having equity in land and property has an immediate value with a long-term benefit. Ownership is the key; we all should focus our efforts on building equity with assets. Set a goal to own 1 piece of land or 1 piece of property with land each year. Do this for about 10 years and you will see what I mean. Have a great year and I look forward to hearing the success stories around the world.

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