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Define Yourself so you do not Confine Yourself!

Who are you? This question is a very important one to ask yourself early in your life. Your life will be pulled in many ways starting as early as elementary school. By the time you get to High School, your parents have suggestions for your life, your teachers have suggestions, your guidance counselors, society, friends, and many other influencers around you at the time. When you do not know who you are, you will end up following all the suggestions instead of following your purpose. Defining yourself means identifying your individual gifts and strengths personally given to you to serve the world. Listening to one of my mentors Dr. Myles Monroe, he asked a question “What was the wealthiest place on Earth”? Everyone had a response, but the right answer was the graveyard. Now when he said this, I was surprised. Once he described how so many people on earth are stuck doing what they were trained to do instead of what they were meant to do and leave this world never fulfilling their purpose, I was blown away! There are many life assessments out there that you can take but the best way to figure out is your connection to God. You must go to the manufacturer about his product. We are his product! You will not take your Samsung phone to Apple to fix, would you? Just saying!!! Take action to know who you are and keep in your mind and heart the things that matter! Keep important things important!

A large portion of society is shoved in a system designed to work in someone else’s dream instead of your own. Do not fall into this TRAP! Contrary to what most people grow up thinking, work, and life are not mutually exclusive (Hakala-Ausperk, 2017). To get something different, you must do something different! This is a very simple statement but very true! I realized this myself during high school. Listening to everyone around me speak about their plans, I knew I had to do something different. I understood my strengths, but I was not totally sure of what my purpose was at the time, but I was very sure of what I did not want to do! We do not control our future, but the planning of our life belongs to each one of us individually. When you define yourself, you create clarity in your life. The many distractions become clear and now you know which direction to move. Take the time today to bring clarity to your life. This can be a challenge living in a distracted society. I challenge you to take some alone time to find yourself, pray, think, and understand yourself by the way God sees you and not through your own lens. Live BIG and Live BOLD! Thank you!

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