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Create your Rhythm! 

Why is a rhythm important to your strategic and operational plan? Think about it this way, when playing your favorite song you dance to the beat. You can close your eyes and still keep your feet moving to the beat. If the rhythm is thrown off or skips a beat, you become thrown off beat and your feet stop. This is the same problem in any organization when the rhythm is off! In the military we had a daily intentional cycle of events that would synchronize all operations. Each operation fed into the other synchronizing the overall mission. Individuals, families and organizations should create their own rhythm. What you do daily, weekly, monthly and annually will determine your success!

Just like your heart beat, your grind should be intentional! If your heart skips a beat it is known as a palpitations. When your organization skips a beat or the strategic routine is off track, results are disrupted. An established battle rhythm will help your business or organization accomplish strategic goals. Create your rhythm today! Take the time to create your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual rhythm today. Here are a few steps that can help.


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