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Chess and Life

Chess has been known to be a great strategy game for everyone that wants to learn. You learn many skills that helps with everything you do. Today, we will focus on vision and emotional strength. What is vision with chess and life? How does emotional strength help you with chess and life? Let's talk about it!!

A life without a vision is living a life waiting on direction from the world. Vision aligned with purpose brings clarity to life. When playing chess you must also have vision. You must be able to think 3-5 moves ahead without relying on what your eyes see. Each piece is important just like each move is important. The key is making the right move with a vision!

Emotional strength is simply you controlling your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you. When playing chess you do more thinking instead of emotional rhetoric. Why is this so important? Taking the time to think about your moves and your actions will help you manage the game and your life. The wrong move could derail alot of things. Control your emotions!!


Build - Grow - Live

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