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3 M's of Parenting

Being a parent is not always an easy thing to do. For some it is very frustrating but rewarding at the same time. One thing is for sure that there is no specific blueprint on what makes a great parent. Leadership in the home is important and can be a start to easing the stress of Parenting! We will discuss the 3 M's of Parenting which is to model, to manage, and build memories. As a parent we are to "train up a child as they should go".


We are to model the way for our kids. Kids learn mostly by what they see their parents do. What you do has more of an impact on your child than what you say. Set a standard for your kids. If you want them to maintain a clean room, the best teacher is to show them your clean room.


We are to manage everything in our lives to teach our kids how to manage theirs. When parents are dysfunctional, kids can adopt dysfunctional habits. Parents should identify the unique gifts your kids have and manage them accordingly. Each child is different and should be led that way.


Creating memories are very important for your kids. When was the last family vacation you have been on? Memories are far more important than things. We all are racing against time so be intentional with creating memories.

As a parent myself, I fully understand the many challenges we face both internally and externally with raising our children. To keep the fruit strong, we must keep the tree strong! Thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts.

Shawn Carrington


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